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BLOGPOST:  A Saturday in China – by John McCall


SUGGESTED READINGLay Training Center in Si Hong - Jiangsu

The Church in China
A New History of Christianity in China, Daniel H. Bays
-Comprehensive review of the Protestant and Catholic church in China

Christianity in the People’s Republic of China, Thompson Brown
-General introduction to the history of Protestant Christianity in China

The Liberating Gospel in China, Ralph Covell
-Introduction to Christianity among China’s ethnic minorities

China’s Catholics: Tragedy and Hope in an Emerging Civil Society, Richard Madesen
-Scholarly introduction to the Catholic church in China

Seeking the Common Ground: Protestant Christianity, the Three-Self Movement and China’s United Front, Philip Wickeri
-Biography of K.H. Ting also serves as an overview of post-1949 Protestant history in China

Presbyterians and the Church in China
Earthen Vessels and Transcendent Power: American Presbyterians in China, Thompson Brown
-A history of Presbyterian mission efforts in China

Our Ordered Lives Confess: Three Nineteenth Century American Missionaries in East Shantung, Irwin Hyatt
-Part III focuses on the life and work of the Mateers, famous Presbyterian missionaries

A History of Presbyterian Missions 1944-2007, Caroline Becker and Scott Sunquist
-This collection provides an overview of Presbyterian mission work over the last half century, including a chapter devoted to East Asia

The Fundamentalist Movement Among Protestant Missionaries in China, 1920-1937, Kevin Yao
-Gives special attention to debates among Presbyterian missionaries

Resources for Visiting/Partnering in China
Called as Partners in Christ’s Service: The Practice of God’s Mission, Sherron George
-Drawing on the Gospel of John, discusses the why of mission partnerships

Encountering the Chinese, Cornelius Grove and Hu Wenzhong
–Provides practical information about the Chinese culture for Americans who will travel to China or interact with Chinese people in the U.S.

Survival Chinese, Don Snow
-A practical introduction to the Chinese language

English Teaching as Christian Mission: An Applied Theology, Don Snow
-Discusses the issues involved in English teaching as a form of Christian mission

More than a Native Speaker: An Introduction to Teaching English Abroad, Don Snow
-An introduction to English teaching focusing on the needs of volunteers teaching English in countries such as China

When God’s People Travel Together, Volume 1: A Trip Leader’s Planning Manual, Debbie Vial
-An introduction to planning and leading mission trips

Partnership, Solidarity and Friendship, Philip Wickeri
-This companion piece to the Presbyterians Do Mission in Partnership policy statement critically assesses the history of mission in partnership


On Gospel and Chinese Culture– Franklin J. Woo
All religions are embedded in culture. This article shows how “Theological Construction,” a top priority among the leaders in the China Christian Council today, can learn from the 17th century Jesuits who honored Chinese traditions, and the Christian gospel as salt and leaven.

Toward a Nuanced View of the Protestant Christian Community in China Don Snow
Veteran linguist, Chinese scholar and educator Don Snow provides this excellent description of the Protestant Church in China. He helps his readers understand how the church in China does not fit into neatly packaged boxes of simple black and white categories. This article is a must read for all.